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I learned that how to do in the class, not only that, I learned a lot more things.

HaeJee Chung 
Class : American TESOL

It is my honor to take a TESOL course in NYEA. I did not expect such a wonderful class. I learned that how to do in the class, not only that, I learned a lot more things. Teachers who helped a lot tired to interact with us. Although it is not a master’s degree, but it is sure that American TESOL certificate helps us improve our thinking about teaching English. Thank you so much!!

The teachers are so professional and friendly.

Rim Rouissi 
Class : American TESOL

Studying TESOL in New York English Academy is very beneficial and helpful. The teachers are so professional and friendly. It was a great experience , encourages me to study more about teaching English.


Amanda Almada  - 2018年11月
クラス : Standard English Level1


Hello, my name is Amanda and I am from Paraguay. I had a great experience at NYEA. From the first day they received me cordially and helped me adapt quickly. They have very good teaching methodology, the teachers and students were very friendly all times. I made good friends and enjoyed my time in the institute. If you want to learn English in New York, I recommend New York English Academy.


Jeoming Oh  - 2018年11月
クラス : Standard English Level2



Last summer, in August, I have registered in NYEA. NYEA issued an I-20 to help me focus on my studies. For a person who was as old as me, it was such a fortune. Unfortunately, I had to give up the I-20 since I could not leave my husband alone in Korea for so long. Then I got to know that I could study at NYEA even with a Korean ESTA visa, I was fortunate enough to study at NYEA every time I visited USA.

I have been studying English in level 2 class in NYEA. When I first came here, speaking and listening to English was very difficult. But my teacher, Joe, has always told me to relax and been patient with me. He led me to improve all my linguistic skills including speaking, listening, writing and reading at fast speeds.

I studied at NYEA for two months from last August, went back to Korea, came back to the states again and registered in NYEA.
Thank you.


Tsubasa Ubagai  - 2018年8月
クラス : American TESOL

私は来年英語の教職の就職が決まっています。実際に教壇に立って教える前にTESOLプログラムの受講が必要だと感じていました。 American TESOLプログラムはとても興味深い内容でした。授業はインタラクティブ方式で進められ、全てのアクティビティが将来教師になってから役立つものであると感じました。講師であるSalma先生は英語教師の経験が豊富で、日本の学校だけでは学ぶことのできない授業方式やアクティビティ、教師としてのあり方などたくさん学ぶことができました。

プログラム内では、当校の先生たちがどのような授業をするのかを観察する時間があります。客観的に、また教師として専門的に授業を見ることで生徒として授業に参加しているときには気づかなかったことなどをたくさん発見することができました。プログラムの最終段階として、実際に当校の生徒を相手に模擬授業を行います。様々な国籍の生徒を相手に授業をおこなうのはとても緊張しましたが、たくさんの発見につながりました。また、プログラムは授業も含め全て英語で行います。昨今の英語教育では教師がどれだけ英語を使えるかがとても重要視されています。American TESOLプログラムを通して、効果的な授業のメソッドだけでなく、総合的な英語力を鍛えることができると思いますので、とてもオススメです。

The American TESOL program was very interesting. The classes were very interactive. I really felt that all the activities we did would be useful for becoming a teacher in the future. Salma, my tutor, was very experienced in teaching English. She helped me learn so much about being a teacher, using approaches and activities that I wouldn’t have learned back at home.

Part of the program involves observing and sitting in on how the NYEA teachers teach and run their classes. Observing classes objectively in a professional capacity as a teacher means you pick up on things you don’t notice just from participating in class as a student. The final part of the program involves giving simulated lessons to the other students. Teaching a class with students of different nationalities is very nerve-wracking, but it was an eye-opening experience for me. The whole program and all the classes are conducted in English. The American TESOL program doesn’t just show you how to be an effective teacher, it’s also a great way to develop your all round English language skills. I’d strongly recommend it.


Naokatsu Torimoto  - 2018年8月
クラス : American TESOL

アメリカ流のクラス運営が楽しかったです。講師は毎回丁寧に授業を行って下さって、自分の経験談などを共有して下さったので楽しく学ぶことができました。 TESOLプログラムでは心理学や教育学の知識を教わりつつ、それを使って実践的に授業運営に取り組みます。 授業は毎回レッスンプランニングやプレゼンを行う機会があるため実践的な内容が多かったです。

語学学校のクラスを見学してヒントを得つつ、最終的には幾つかの模擬授業を独力で設計し、実施します。生徒のレベルに合せて教材を選んだり、授業の流れを作ったり、最終的な学びを定着させたり、やることは沢山あり、実際にやってみるとうまくいったりいかなかったり。 そうしたときにも、他のTESOLプログラム参加者や講師から的確なフィードバックをもらえるので次の成長に繋がります。 私が参加したプログラムでは参加者も様々でネットワークも作れました。英語の教師を目指す人は日本では学べない教授法を習得でき、仮に教師にならなくとも場の雰囲気作りの仕方などを英語で学ぶことができるため役に立ちます。 日本でのTESOLの知名度はまだまだですが、世界から見ると有名な資格です。日本ではあまり知られていない資格のため、他の人と差別化ができるのが良い点です。 英語能力での他者との比較、よりコミュニケーション中心の教授法に興味がある方はぜひ受講してください。 様々なところに応用できるスキルを身に付けられるのでオススメです!

I really enjoyed the program. The tutors were always courteous and thorough. They shared some of their own stories and experiences with us, and this made the classes more enjoyable.The TESOL program is structured so that you learn psychology and the theory of teaching, and apply this on a practical basis in class.The classes have a high practical content so you get plenty of opportunities to plan your own lessons and give presentations yourself. You sit in on language classes and pick up hints and tips, and then at the end you have to plan and give your own simulated lessons. There is a lot of practical content, like selecting the right teaching materials to match your students' abilities, structuring the classes, and setting learning goals. You try these for yourself and get to see what works well and what doesn’t.On these occasions you also get detailed feedback from other TESOL participants and lecturers. That helps you move to the next stage of your learning development.

There were lots of different people on my program so I was able to build up a useful network of contacts. If you’re looking to become an English teacher you get to learn teaching methods you wouldn’t normally learn in your own country. Even if you don’t actually become a teacher, the course is useful for helping you to communicate and work with people in an English speaking environment. TESOL is a well-known qualification. If you’re interested in a more interactive-focused teaching approach, where you can compare your own English language skills with others, this is the course for you.You pick up skills that can be applied across a whole range of scenarios and situations. I’d really recommend it!


Yhada Thawikasemchok  - 2018年5月
クラス : 発音&会話コース


If you are looking to improve your English for higher education, I think that NYEA is the place to go. In my Conversation and Pronunciation class, I get lots of help with pronunciation, speaking practice, and also watching interesting videos to help with my listening comprehension. They all help me a lot to speak English better. I now feel more confident in myself. All of the teachers and staff are nice and helpful. They are always willing to help you with more than just the language.


Thomas Noel Gaha  - 2018年5月
クラス : ビジネス英語 レベル2



My name is Thomas Noel Gaha and I’m from Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) in Africa. I’m a medical doctor and a Public Health Specialist in Immunization. I have been working with UNICEF for many years. In my job English is very important for writing reports and proposals, and for making conference calls with the different UNICEF offices. All international staff must speak English fluently.
Before NYEA, my English level was very low. I could not have a real conversation in English and my listening was worse. Now, after only 1 month of learning English at NYEA, I can watch movies in English and I can speak with people. NYEA also helped me to improve my reading skills and my vocabulary.
I will never forget the teachers at NYEA. They are very kind, friendly, and professional. There is a very good atmosphere between all students.
I will be an NYEA ambassador everywhere I go.
Thank you very much,
God bless you.


Abdalrazzag Albokhari  - 2018年5月
クラス : スタンダードイングリッシュ レベル5


I’ve been studying ESL in NYEA for 6 months. What I love about NYEA is the class size. The class does not exceed 7 or 8 students, which makes it easier to communicate with the teacher. I also appreciate how teachers interact with the students either in class or outside the class. In addition to learning how to speak and write as a native speaker, teachers try to give you a full experience of the American culture and advise you if you are puzzled about any cultural differences. As NYEA is in New York City, one of the most diverse cities in the world, the school is also very diverse, where each country adds a really nice flavor to the school.


Cynthia De La Rosa  - 2018年4月
クラス : スタンダードイングリッシュ レベル3


I like this school because in a just a few weeks here I have really learned a lot. This school gave me the confidence to speak, to understand and all that I need to have good conversations in English. In addition, the field trips that the school organizes are fun and at the same time you learn more about the city and practice speaking with your classmates.


Christian Granja  - 2018年4月
クラス : スタンダードイングリッシュ レベル3


NYEA is a very nice place where you can improve your English! Also, the teachers are friendly and they help you when you need it. The class sizes are not too big so you can listen and pay attention to everything they are teaching you.


Raji Pilipia  - 2018年3月
クラス : スタンダードイングリッシュ レベル3 + 会話

私の先生はDavid Knoll先生ですが、本当にプロフェッショナルでいろいろな教え方も持っていてよい先生です。性格も穏やかな人でした。週に1度、課外授業に行きましたが、その場所もとても面白い場所でした。ニューヨークに住んでいるニューヨーカーとも交流がありました。この経験は今後自分が英語を勉強していくにあたって、そして英語を自信をもって話すことによい経験になったと思います!

I had a great experience at New York English Academy! It was a great opportunity to practice my English. The atmosphere at the school is really good. I loved the international vision in every subject that we learned. David Knoll is an absolutely amazing teacher with his good personality and interactive teaching techniques. Also, we took field trips to interesting places in New York City to observe how natives really speak and to feel like a local. This experience has helped me to improve my English a lot and to feel more confident!


Francesca Cambronero  - 2018年2月
クラス : TOEFL


My experience at NYEA was amazing! I definitely improved my English by getting lots of new information from the excellent books and materials and thanks to the really great teaching methods. The opportunity to learn about new cultures was very enriching for me.


Amira Sdiri  - 2018年2月
クラス : TOEFL


I really had a good experience at New York English Academy. The people are very friendly and professional. This experience has helped me to improve my English a lot and to feel more confident. They taught me all the necessary skills to pass the TOEFL iBT test and get a high score. If I had the chance, I would repeat this experience!


Amelia Salinas-Martin  - 2018年2月
クラス : TOEFL


My experience at the school has been very positive. Since I started teachers and staff made me feel part of the family. I feel like I improved a lot at every single one of my skills (I'm completely ready for my TOEFL exam!) and now, with Micheal's help, I am working on the little details. I'm more than delighted! I recommend the school to anyone who wants to improve his English surrounded by the magic of New York City.


Ingri K Quevedo Roha  - 2018年1月
クラス : スタンダードイングリッシュ レベル2


I arrived at New York English Academy hopeful and excited about improving my English. The school’s teaching methods helped me to reach my goal. There are a few students per teacher and every class is fun! In my first week I was shy and I felt afraid to speak, however, after two months I’m confident about having a conversation in English. Teachers are native speakers, friendly, patient to answer questions, and to give clues to get better. Finally, the best thing about New York English Academy is the opportunity to meet people from all over the world!


Sophie Jovien  - 2017年9月
クラス : TOEFL



I studied at New York English Academy for one month and half to prepare for the TOEFL exam. I got the chance to have two amazing teachers, both complementary. Classes were organized in a very interactive manner. The books used during the class completely match with the test format. And the variety of additional material (newspapers, video, radio, games, etc.) was a real plus.
We worked equally on the four parts of the TOEFL test (reading, listening, speaking and writing), but the teachers closely adapted the classes to our specific needs (for example the speaking part for me). I couldn’t have had a better preparation. At the end of the six weeks I was ready for the test, but I also clearly improved my daily English.
Moreover, the school is located in the center of the financial district in lower Manhattan, and it’s a good start to discover many of the most iconic places in Manhattan (One World Trade Center, Wall Street, Statue of Liberty, and Trinity Church). Interesting activities, which I unfortunately didn’t try because of the lack of time, are proposed each week to meet outside of the school. The staff is also very helpful and accommodating.


Masumi Suzuki  - 2017年9月
クラス : スタンダードイングリッシュ レベル4



This is my second summer attending NYEA. Although each time is very short, NYEA has really helped me improve my English. The teachers here are kind, friendly, patient, well-trained, and knowledgeable. They have gone above and beyond to make the classes both challenging and interesting. I was able to learn a lot of useful English.
What I also loved about this school is the very welcoming atmosphere. I was anxious at first because of my age, but the teachers and students all welcomed me and I felt very comfortable studying with them from the first day. I own a facial salon in Japan and have many English speaking clients. I need to use English on a daily basis, so the English I learned at NYEA will help me a lot in communicating better with my clients. I will definitely be back to study at NYEA next year!


Akiko Enoki  - 2017年9月
クラス : スタンダードイングリッシュ レベル1


I took classes at NYEA during my summer vacation. I was not good at English. I was worried before I came to New York. The teachers were friendly when I didn’t understand. It was also an important experience to talk to people from other countries. And it was a colorful school. Very cute! I hope I can come back here during my next vacation. Thank you so much!!


Dila Inan  - 2017年8月
クラス : スタンダードイングリッシュ レベル4



My name is Dila from Turkey. Before I decided to live in the US, I decided to look for English courses that could help me to improve my English. After a long search, I decided to enroll at NYEA because I saw so many good reviews. I have been studying in this school for three months and I'm glad I made that decision. I had the chance to meet new people who came to this country with the same goal of learning English. It has really helped me to have more confidence speaking English.
The teaching methods at NYEA include writing, listening, and grammar practice but mostly they focus on speaking. Specifically, we study idioms and expressions that we need to communicate, interact with people, and to express ourselves in daily life.
The other thing I really liked about NYEA is their flexibility about classes. If you need to take a few days, they manage it and let you take the time off as long as you attend your classes regularly. They are also very helpful and friendly so you will feel pretty comfortable anytime you need help.
Thank you NYEA!


Marco Saraiva  - 2017年8月
クラス : ビジネス英語


ビジネスクラスは本当に良かったです!クラスの生徒の人数が少なく、特に上達したい箇所の個別のリクエストなどきちんと対応してくれました。履歴書の書き方、Linkedinのプロファイルなどコース以外のこともいろいろ教えてもらいました。講師はネイティブのアメリカ人で、しかもウォール街で働いていたビジネス英語のスペシャリストの先生でした。 毎日新聞を読み、ビジネスに関連する記事を討論しました。Bloomberg市長のビデオやCNNのニュースを見てビジネス英語に使うフレーズを勉強しました。またMuseum of FinanceやFederal Hallなども見学に行きました。 学校はアメリカからも認可されていてプロフェッショナルな学校です。クラス開始前には筆記とスピーキングのテストがあり月に一度4技能の試験があります。 試験のことは心配しないでください。ちゃんとまじめに授業を受けていれば試験は通ります! プログラム終了時は修了証が発行され、履歴書に書くことができます。スタッフもてきぱきとしていて本当に助けてくれました。金曜日の課外授業はニューヨークのいろいろな場所に行きました。プログラムが違っていてもクラスが違っていても一緒に行くので他のクラスメートとも知り合うことができます。 この学校をドイツとポルトガルの人々に200%推薦できます。ありがとうございました。

The best way to improve your English skills is to study in an English speaking country! That’s why I decided to find a language school in the U.S. to improve my English. I am a German/Portuguese citizen and I work for an insurance company in Germany. I studied Business Administration.
I took the entire 12-week Business English course. My goal is to work for an international company. I liked the business class very much! The average class size in business was only two students. That was amazing! Because of the small class size we could express our individual wishes for what we wanted to learn. In my course, I created an individual elevator pitch, letter of application/CV, and optimized my LinkedIn profile. The instructor is a native English speaker but also a specialist in business because he worked on Wall Street.
Every day we read the daily newspaper and discussed business related articles. We also analyzed business videos on Bloomberg and CNN. In addition, we took fieldtrips to the Museum of Finance and the Federal Hall located in the Wall Street area.
The school is accredited and very professional. Before the lessons begin, there is a written and oral placement test. Every month there is an exam. Don´t worry about that! If you pay attention in your classes you will pass the exam. At the end of the program you get a professional certificate from the course for your CV! The entire staff is very smart, helpful, and professional.
To socialize with other students I participated in the Friday voluntary school activities. We visited many New York attractions. I had the opportunity to build new friendships and network with people from all over the world.
I will recommend the New York English Academy 200% in Germany and Portugal! Thank you for this experience!


Kadija Camara  - 2017年8月
クラス : ビジネス英語


Hello my name is Kadija Camara and I am 20 years old. I came to the NYEA Business course because I needed to improve my English for my bachelor’s degree. It is incredible how fast it works! Being an NYEA student will be one of my best life experiences not only because I learned English but also because of the diversity of the students I met.


Hauwa Bashir Sadiq  - 2017年8月
クラス : 発音&会話 + スタンダードイングリッシュパートタイム


So far, my experience at NYEA has been wonderful. In my opinion, NYEA is a good place to learn, the teachers are excellent at their jobs. The students are cheerful and friendly. I have made a lot of friends. And I recommend anyone who wants to learn and speak English to learn at NYEA. It’s a fun place to study.


Olena Fedotova  - 2017年8月
クラス : スタンダードイングリッシュパートタイム


New York English Academy is the best school to learn English, the teaching is personalized and very professional, you will have a new family among your classmates. The school is very well located near Wall Street, a few meters from the train lines and close to the popular famous attractions. I spent a beautiful year in this school with great classmates and amazing teachers. If you want to learn English in New York, choose NYEA.


Shuchiro Mori  - 2017年8月
クラス : スタンダードイングリッシュフルタイム



I’m Shuchiro Mori, from Japan. I’m a university student, I study photography. I’m studying advertisement photography and fashion photography and New York is famous for its fashion. I also want to learn about business, and here in New York, there are people from all around the world, which makes it perfect for studying the world’s business techniques. There are so many language schools here, I checked many of them. But this school has very small, comfortable classes, which set it apart from the rest.
Also, this school seemed the most diverse, with people from all continents. Many language schools have students only from Europe, etc. The diversity of this school makes it fun, interesting and good for studying. I need to make connections around the world, and since the students at this language school are from everywhere, I can make many friends. So, this school is perfect for me.


Caroline Tresallet  - 2017年7月
クラス : スタンダードイングリッシュパートタイム



My name is Caroline, I came from France with my boyfriend for 4 weeks of classes with the classic program in the morning. I wish I could stay for more weeks. Even though I only had one month at school, I noticed my English improved. Especially for comprehension. Now, I’m able to watch a movie without subtitles and understand everything, that’s awesome! The atmosphere at the school is really good. I loved the international vision in every subject that we’ve learned. New York City is definitely a great city to learn English in.
Also, the school is very well located, it’s a dynamic neighborhood. The area is full of shops, cafes and restaurants, and we’re very close to the Wall Street Pier, where you can take the ferry to Rockaway Beach and other nice places. We’ve been to that beach on a Friday school trip, it was really fun and good to share experiences and great times with other classmates. I definitely recommend this school.


Yuka Abe  - 2017年8月
クラス : スタンダードイングリッシュフルタイム


I’ve been in this school for a year and a few months. I’ve gone many places with my international school mates and teachers because every Friday we have a field trip. They’re amazing experiences since we can learn a lot of things, not only English. And also our class is not so big so we can focus on our studies and have good conversation and relationships between students and teachers. Our teachers are great, too. They prepare our classes and pay attention to each student. I have a good time in NYEA!


Niran Nasseer Meslet  - 2017年8月
クラス : 発音&会話 + スタンダードイングリッシュパートタイム

ニューヨークイングリッシュアカデミーでワンダフルな経験をしました。英語力向上のためにこの学校を選んでよかったです。スタッフも先生たちもフレンドリーでよいサポートをしてくれました。生徒はいろいろな国からきていて、知らなかったたくさんの文化に触れることができました。たくさんの友達ができてまたCentury 21から近かったのがうれしかったです。楽しく時間が過ごせました。

I have had a wonderful experience at New York English Academy. I’m really glad for choosing it for my English language improvement. The staff and teachers are kind, friendly and helpful people whom I can count on. The students are from all over the world, this gives me a close knowledge of different cultures. I made a lot of friendships and I’m enjoying my time at the academy and at the Century 21 store nearby.


Tansu Sevilmis  - 2017年8月
クラス : スタンダードイングリッシュパートタイム


When I first entered the class I immediately a good impression and I felt comfortable. During the lessons nothing is wrong and you can ask anything you do not understand. Teachers take all the time to explain everything until you understand. The atmosphere of the school is very nice, you meet new people and everyone is very good with each other. During my course, I have learned to get to know a lot of nice new people. I am very happy with my choice and thank NYEA for this unforgettable experience. I appreciate it very much.