(フルタイム F1ビザ)



ESLを数週間受講した後にこのInternational Business Packageを受講することも可能です。

スケジュール <4.5 時間/日 | 18 時間/週> 学生ビザ受講

11:00am-1:30pm ビジネス英語プログラム OFF
2:00pm - 4:00pm イディオム&スラング クラス 発音&会話クラス イディオム&スラング クラス 発音&会話クラス


週数 4 8 12
登録料 $140 $208 $270
授業料 $1,080 $2,160 $3,240
テキスト代 $165 $165 $165
ID $10 $10 $10
合計 $1,395 $2,543 $3,685
  • 入学許可書(I-20) 郵送代$110(ビザが必要な生徒のみ)


※Standard English Programと組み合わせることも可能です。詳しくはお尋ねください。


  • ビジネス英語で使う単語やフレーズを学ぶ
  • ビジネスを円滑に行う会話を学ぶ

Learning Contents

Weeks Topic Language Focus Writing Focus
1 & 2 Taking Business English

• Making requests, offers, and suggestions; negotiating and delegating tasks

• Small talk

• Business letter and email
3 Meetings • Arranging meetings • Fax
4 Getting Ahead • Describing work; discussing job qualifications • Letter of Recommendation
5 Turning a Company Around • Describing how to solve a problem • Business Report
6 Describing a Process • Describing a sequence of events; comparing processes • Email Replies to Customers
7 Teams and Management

• Making requests, offers, and suggestions; negotiating and delegating tasks

• Describing changes; past and present performance

• Memo to managers
• Annual report
8 Clients and Customers • Responding to complaints; negotiating solutions • Letter of Apology
9 Goals • Discussion business plans and expectations • Department Goals Report
10 Describing and Comparing Products • Asking and answering questions about product features; comparing products • Memo to Sales Staff
11 Management Challenges: Motivation and Productivity • Describing project and staffing difficulties; discussing and comparing employee benefits
• Giving an opinion; discussing motivation and productivity
• Meeting agendas and summaries
12 Advertising • Discussing advertising strategy; proposing a website design • Responding to a Marketing Survey

スケジュール <10 時間/週>

月曜から木曜まで 11:00am から 1:30pm


登録料 $36
授業料 $360
合計 $396


英語を学ぶ生徒から一番練習したいというリクエストが多い発音矯正+会話の練習にフォーカスしたクラスです。発音&会話クラスだけを受講することもできますし、Standard English Programやビジネス英語プログラムと組み合わせることもできます。


  • 単語のアクセントを学ぶ
  • 発音矯正
  • 会話の練習によって英語で話す自信をつける
Weeks Topic Language Focus
1 & 2 Conversation: Your Life • Getting Started, Beyond Hello, Home, Family, Eating and Drinking, Habits, Being Yourself, Staying Healthy, Parenting, Friends, Pets
3 & 4 Pronunciation: Difficult Consonant Sounds • Improving the pronunciation of English’s most problematic consonant sounds
5 & 6 Conversation: Free Time • Travel, California, Reading, Music, Television, Movies, Sports, Gardening, Beach, Celebrations
7 & 8 Pronunciation: Difficult Vowel Sound • Improving the pronunciation of English’s most problematic vowel sounds
9 & 10 Conversation: Modern Times • Opinion, Life’s Changes, Fashion, Beauty, Dating, Money, Eating Out, Gambling, Life Partners, Stress
11 & 12 Conversation: Civic Life • Job Interviews, Work Life, School, Studying English, American Culture, Cities, Cars, Crime, Voting, Heroes

スケジュール<4 時間/週>

火曜日&木曜日 2:00pm から 4:00pm


8 時間
登録料 $12
授業料 $120
合計 $132

選択科目コース(イディオム&スラング クラス)

イディオム&スラングクラスだけを受講することもできますし、Standard English Programやビジネス英語プログラムと組み合わせることもできます。


  • ネイティブがよく使う会話のフレーズを学ぶ
  • ボキャブラリーを増やす

Learning Contents

Weeks Topic Words/Idioms Writing Focus
1 Work • Blow the whistle, botch up, fall asleep at the wheel, called to the carpet, caught in the act, get a clue, goof off, rude awakening, see eye to eye, wacko
2 Shopping • Beside oneself, birdbrain, to get burned, fishy, I’ve had it, know-it-all, on the fritz, slimy, splitting headache, through the roof Newspaper column
3 Guests • Beat it, crash, go downhill, eat out of house and home, everything but the kitchen sink, in for a shocker, have it made, nervous wreck, plastered, wolf down Fairy tale
4 The Park • In the nick of time, black eye, crazy about, “don’t go there”, gross out, “Knock yourself out”, nagging feeling, nerd, pick up, sing a different tune, ticked off, “wake up and smell the coffee”
5 Birthday Party • Artsy-fartsy, bad hair day, big time, blind as a bat, bone to pick, bug someone, cheesy, crash a party, fall head over heels, hard time swallowing something, have it out with someone, like pulling teeth
6 The Subway • Out of the blue, crook, goner, hand over, held up, homebody, make a pass at, make fun, not playing with a full deck, scared stiff, sitting duck Completing a story
7 Aches and pains • Describing how to solve a problem Business Report
8 Babysitting • Take a breather, computer nerd, cut it out, keep one’s cool, knock someone’s socks off, lay down the law, “like father, like son”, lose it, neat freak, scream your lungs out, toss up, up to something, wiz kid
9 & 10 At the Bakery • “Beats me”, couch potato, crabby, flip over something, “From where I sit…”, get off someone’s back, junk food, munch out, pick-me-up, run down, torn between, tub of lard, “What’s wrong with this picture?”, wide awake Write an original story
11 & 12 On the Phone • “A little bird told me”, to be a brain, dig up something, a fish out of water, have the hots for someone, hit the nail on the head, in the dark, kiss up to someone, on hold, paint yourself into a corner, sink or swim, slave driver, “What’s eating you?”, work like mad

スケジュール <4 時間/週>

月曜日&水曜日 2:00pm から 4:00pm


8 時間
登録料 $12
授業料 $120
合計 $132